As a physician and colleague, feel free to download and use the data in these recent presentations given at the American Society of Cataract & Refractive Surgery and the International Society of Refractive Surgery meetings.

Click an icon or filename to download a file.  You will need Microsoft PowerPoint to open them.

Title Filename
File Type
ISRS USTrendsISRS 2014 Final2.pptx PowerPoint
ISRS USTrendsISRS 2013.pptx PowerPoint
ASCRS US_Trend12ASCRS_rev2.pptx PowerPoint
ISRS US_Trends-12_ISRS_rev_3_16x9.pptx PowerPoint
ASCRS US_Trend_11_ASCRS_rev_0315.pptx PowerPoint
ISRS US_Trends-11_ISRS_final-final.ppt PowerPoint
ASCRS US_Trend_10_ASCRS_final97-03.ppt PowerPoint
ISRS US_Trends-10_ISRS-rev4-1.ppt PowerPoint
ASCRS ASCRS2009MacOnly.pptx PowerPoint
ISRS us_trends09_isrs.ppt PowerPoint
ASCRS US Trends 08 ASCRS.ppt PowerPoint
ISRS US_Trends-08_ISRS.ppt PowerPoint
ASCRS US_Trends-07_ASCRS_MSW03.ppt PowerPoint
ISRS us_trends-07_isrs.ppt PowerPoint
ASCRS US_Trends-06_ASCRS.ppt PowerPoint
ISRS us_trends06_isrs.ppt PowerPoint
ASCRS us_trends05_ascrs.ppt PowerPoint
ISRS us_trends05_isrs.ppt PowerPoint
ASCRS us_trends04_ascrs.ppt PowerPoint
ISRS us_trends04_isrs.ppt PowerPoint
ASCRS us_trends03_ascrs.ppt PowerPoint
ISRS us_trends03_isrs.ppt PowerPoint
ASCRS us_trends02_ascrs.ppt PowerPoint
ISRS us_trends02_isrs.ppt PowerPoint
ASCRS us_trends-01_ascrs.ppt PowerPoint
ISRS us_trends-01_isrs.ppt PowerPoint
ASCRS us_trends-00_ascrs.ppt PowerPoint
ISRS us_trends-00_isrs.ppt PowerPoint
ASCRS us_trends-99_ascrs.ppt PowerPoint
ISRS us_trends-99-isrs.ppt PowerPoint
ISRS us_trends-98-ascrs.ppt PowerPoint
DUAL us_trends-98-dual.ppt PowerPoint
ISRS us_trends-98-isrs.ppt PowerPoint

us_trends-97.ppt PowerPoint